General Medicine

Nazareth hospital is multispecialty DNB institute catering to a large number of populations in Meghalaya. It is a dedicated Centers of Medical Excellence for several key specialties.

The department of medicine is one of the busiest specialties in the hospital, with a prime responsibility to provide high quality clinical care to all our patients with specialized diagnoses and treatment plans. It is a hundred (100) beds department, which is divided into two units comprising of the Male wards, Female wards and Private rooms. Each ward has an attached Intensive Treatment Unit(ITU).It is supported by a well equipped ICU. It is one of the renowned DNB teaching institutes of the North East India.

The department has the following faculty:

                        Name Designation
1 Dr.D.Bhuyan ,M.D Head of department
2 Dr.Barnali Bhuyan,M.D Senior consultant
3 Dr.Rupsi  Shebha,M.D Consulltant
4 Dr.Arijit K Das Consultant
5 Dr.Paul Dkhar Senior Medical Officer
6 Dr.R.Wahlang Senior Medical Officer
7 Dr.Rosa Kyndiah Senior Medical Officer
8 Dr.Mary Marbaniang Senior Medical Officer
9 Dr.Gwen Nongbet Senior Medical Officer
10 Five(5) DNB trainees


The department of medicine provides the following sub specialties:


1. Diabetic Clinic:

It has well trained staff and doctors and it runs three days a week. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, average patient input per day is about20-30. Apart from control of blood sugar, patients are routinely screened for retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy. Appropriate diet counseling is given to all patients. They are also educated about the importance of regular exercise and weight reduction. The clinic is attached to physiotherapy department as well.


2. Geriatric Clinic:

The Department of Geriatric Medicine was started in 2013 as a sub specialty of Medicine. To our knowledge it is the first of its kind to be started in Meghalaya and the North East as a whole. This department was started with the aim to aid the elderly in maintenance of health at old age,early detection and appropriate treatment of disease, sympathetic care and support in terminal illness thus helping them live a dignified life, .It is a weekly clinic and is run by a geriatric team on every Wednesday.


3. Dietetics:

The department is actively involved as an integral part in the patient care services of the hospital. It has 3 dieticians working in different areas of specialization.

The department is involved with the following.

1.  Medical Nutrition Therapy

2.   Administration & Dietary Services

3.   Teaching.

4. Hemodialysis Clinic:

It is the first hemodialysis clinic in Meghalaya. It is run by well trained doctors and staffs. Two HD machines are installed in the department. Several sessions of hemodialysis are done every day.

5. DNB medicine Programme:

The DNB post graduation-teaching program has been going on since 2008.We have 5 DNB medicine candidates at present. Students are taught bedside skills as well as regular seminars and case presentations are carried out. The department is divided into two units for better patient care and academics.

6. Other services in the department:

Non-interventional cardiology services such as 2 D echocardiography, ECG, Holter monitoring, TMT are available, which are of great help to the patients.

Palliative care to the terminally ill patients is a dedicated service of the department.