Radiology & Imaging


Welcome to the Department of Radiology & Imaging at Nazareth Hospital, Shillong. We proudly claim that we offer the highest quality medical imaging at one of the top hospitals in the state of Meghalaya. In today’s complex medical environment, the role of medical imaging is understandably becoming considerably more important to the doctors as well as the patients and the general public for the diagnosis and follow up of many illnesses and conditions.


Our department offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology including plain radiographs, conventional contrast procedures, Ultrasonography, CT, and interventional radiology (non vascular). All services utilize the most advanced, safe and cost effective technology available to provide cutting edge radiologic service to our patients and our referring physicians. The department has 1 multislice CT scanner, 3 Ultrasound scanners with colour doppler, 2 conventional xray machines, 1 computerised radiography system, 3 portable xray machines and 2 C-arm units.


The Department’s strength begins with its people – faculty and staff. We have a small dedicated team of faculty, technicians and support staff who come from different parts of the country with diverse skills. Holistic approach to the patient’s needs and underlying medical condition, a friendly atmosphere within the department, optimal supervision, and mutual respect for one another are few of the assets in our department which help each individual to develop into a confident expert in the field. The leadership of the department is dedicated to providing a positive work environment with many opportunities for education and growth.


Services Provided

  • A. Diagnostic studies

– Plain radiography (X ray) of all parts of the body

– Tomography

– Barium studies

– Ultrasound with Colour Doppler

– Whole body CT

– Intravenous Urography

– Micturating Cystourethrogram

– Hysterosalpingography

– Ductogram


  • B. Interventional procedures

– US/CT guided FNA/biopsy

– CT Angiography

– Percutaneous drainage procedures

– Percutaneous nephrostomy


Dr. Vanlalhuma Royte MD Consultant Radiologist CT, USG, X-rays, Interventions
Dr. K. Gunamani Singh MBBS Senior Medical Officer CT, USG, Interventions (CT/USG guided)
Dr. P. L. Dkhar MBBS Senior Medical Officer USG, Interventions (USG guided)
Dr. T. Shiro MBBS Medical Officer USG
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