Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



We may wonder why such an announcement is necessary. This is because Rehabilitation Medicine or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a new specialty whose MD course started in India only in 1979. Most of the public may not be aware of the role it plays in medical care. We may often link the word rehabilitation to alcohol and drugs, however this specialty deals with disorders and ailments of the physical body which in the same way impair us and pull us away from society. Some examples are strokes, amputations, Cerebral palsy, spinal cord and nerve injuries, pain in the back, neck or joints and many others which disable us from living a full life. Many may be young students looking forward to productive lives or are the only wage earners of their families, whose lives have been dramatically changed. They have not only lost the ability to live fully but have also lost the meaning of life.


Some others may have a simple back, neck or joint ache, but that still has enough power to make them miserable. Rehabilitation will help such people pick up the broken pieces, mend them and get them back to living.


The team of rehabilitation medicine consists of the MD physician, Physio, occupational and speech therapists, prosthetist and orthotist, psychologist and social worker. They work as a team to help in early recovery of the patient in the hospital and also follow up as an outpatient and in the community. At present, the Nazareth team is small but we hope to expand to the full team in a short time.


Lives can be changed and made better. The motto for our department as it is for the theme song of the Rio Paralympics 2016 is “YES, I CAN!!” 



Nazareth Hospital, Shillong.