Overview & Quality Policy

The Clinical Laboratory in Nazareth Hospital started in a very small way in the year 1965. It provided very basic laboratory services to begin with and graduallyevolved &expanded to its present size and scope. Located in a dedicated floor covering an area of 2700 sq. ft.,it provides comprehensive services to patients 24×7, using state of the art equipment and stringent Quality Control. The Mycobacteriology laboratory is the State reference centre for testing multi-drug resistant strains of tuberculosis. Our vision is to introduce high-end testing in the future, which will enable patients to access these facilities within the city itself at an affordable cost. We constantly endeavour to serve our fellow human beings following our hospital motto……“to love, to serve, to heal”.

Quality Policy


  1. Nazareth Hospital Clinical Laboratory is committed to producing reliable patient test results in a manner necessary to ensure appropriate and timely patient care.
  2. The laboratory will strive to produce reliable patient test results by combining procedures that promote efficiency with technology appropriate to the laboratory mission and operated by staff that is both trained and competent to perform the work.
  3. Lastly, the Laboratory will try its utmost to provide investigations commensurate with the level of clinical services provided in Nazareth Hospital.