Integrated Counseling & Testing Centre

The ICTC Nazareth Hospital was started in the year 2009 under Meghalaya AIDS Control Society (MACS). It is one of the busiest ICTCs in the state catering to both the indoor and outdoor patients of the hospital. It has a full time Counselor who provides both pre- and post-counseling services.There is also a doctor in-charge to oversee its overall operations. All patients undergoing ante-natal checkup, surgeries or any other procedure requiring screening for HIV are mandatorily referred for counseling and voluntary testing. Unregistered, previously untested delivery cases are offered bedside emergency HIV testing. The ICTC is provided with prophylactic Nevirapine tablets and syrup for HIV positive women at the time of delivery and their infants respectively.


The ICTC is linked to the RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme), whereby all patients suspected to be suffering from tuberculosis are referred via the Public Health Department and vice-versa. It is also linked to the Anti-retroviral Treatment (ART) Centre and the Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) Clinic, Civil Hospital, Shillong. Newly diagnosed patients are linked to the ART Centre for monitoring of CD4 counts and to avail definitive therapy. The ICTC also provides appropriate counseling &post-exposure prophylaxis to all patients/staff suspected of having infection or who are deemed at risk of having contracted HIV accidentally.


In the future, there is hope to scale up the services of the ICTC with the addition of a CD4 counter and PCR for molecular diagnosis and viral load testing.