Bacteriology & Mycology

This section forms the backbone of the Clinical Microbiology department. It is concerned with the growth, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of various bacterial and fungal pathogens isolated from patient samples. This susceptibility data is subsequently analysed for meaningful information which is used in the creation of hospital policies and in the treatment of patients.


1)      bioMerieux, Vitek 2 Compact (semi automated)


2)      bioMerieux, Vitek 2 (fully automated)


3)      bioMerieux, Vitek MS (MALDITOF)


4)     bioMerieux, BacTAlert 3D 120


5) bioMerieux, Myla (software) associated with the Vitek MS


The Vitek 2 and Vitek 2 Compact are instruments capable of identifying and performing susceptibility testing for bacteria and yeasts (which are a type of fungi that can cause infections in humans). This greatly aids in the treatment of patients.

The Vitek MS is a mass spectrometer which analyses the protein profile of an organism and based on its protein composition, identification is made.

Protien Map
Protien Map
Actual Protien Map

Myla is a dedicated software which helps with reporting of results, collection of data, detecting hospital associated infections and helps in making all the data generated make sense. It, when fully implemented will radically change the way the department functions in the sense that it will improve quality of reports, turnaround times and trouble shooting. The software enables access to the instruments from anywhere around the world at anytime, this in turn improves monitoring of the functions in the laboratory.

Myla Home page
Myla Home page