Clinical Microbiology & Immunology

Clinical Microbiology is the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infections and communicable diseases.This is the youngest of the departments functioning in the Clinical Laboratory. It was established full time from 2008 onwards to the present. Since its inception, it has increased in scope & size by leaps and bounds. A number of new equipment have been introduced in it in which we were the first in the state to do so and in fact for the Vitek MS (MALDITOF), we were the third in the country and the first in Eastern India to achieve this distinction.


In addition, our Mycobacteriology laboratory is a RNTCP certified laboratory for Line Probe Assay (LPA) and is the referral C & DST (Culture & Drug Susceptibility Testing) laboratory for the state of Meghalaya using LPA. The department is heavily involved in Infection Control and education on the safe and rational use of antimicrobials in the hospital.