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MEDICINE8.00 AM TO 9.00 AM—-Dr. D. BhuyanDr. D. Bhuyan—-Dr. D. Bhuyan—-
10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. D. BhuyanDr. B. BhuyanDr. B. BhuyanDr. D. BhuyanDr. B. BhuyanDr. D. Bhuyan
Dr. M. RupsiDr. IbandalinDr. MaryDr. M. RupsiDr. ArijitDr. Rintu
Dr. MaryDr. R. WahlangDr. P.L. DkharDr. IbandalinDr. MaryDr. Ibandalin
Dr. R. KyndiahDr. G. NongbetDr. R. KyndiahDr. R. WahlangDr. P.L DkharDr. Mary
Dr. ArijitDr. RintuDr. ArijitDr. G. NongbetDr. R. KyndiahDr. G. Nongbet
Dr. Debraj—–Dr. DebrajDr. MaryDr. M. RupsiDr. R. Wahlang
Dr. LaminDr. MaryDr. LaminDr. RintuDr. Debraj—–
Dr. Daphi Dr. Daphi—–Dr. Daphi 
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. B. BhuyanDr. D. BhuyanDr. D. BhuyanDr. B. BhuyanDr. D. BhuyanDr. Arijit
SURGERY8.00 AM TO 9.00 AMDr. AlfredDr. Jayanta—-Dr. G. RangadDr. Islam—-
10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. JayantaDr. G. RangadDr. Jesse JamesDr. G. RangadDr. AlfredDr. Islam
Dr. RaymondDr. Alfred Dr. HampherDr. RaymondDr. Jayanta
 Dr. Hampher —–  
 Dr. Islam —–  
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. IslamDr. G. RangadDr. IslamDr. G. RangadDr. AlfredDr. Jesse James
—-—–Dr. Jayanta   —–
PAEDIATRICS8.00 AM TO 9.00 AMDr. LimaDr. P. GogoiDr. SabrinaDr. PrasenjitDr. Sabrina—-
10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. SantanuDr. PrasenjitDr. SantanuDr. P. GogoiDr. PrasenjitDr. Santanu
Dr. PrasenjitDr. SabrinaDr. P. GogoiDr. SabrinaDr. P. GogoiDr. Prasenjit
Dr. SabrinaDr. PramodDr. SabrinaDr. PramodDr. SabrinaDr. P. Gogoi
Dr. PramodDr. LimaDr. PramodDr. LimaDr. PramodDr. Pramod
Dr. Lima Dr. Lima Dr. LimaDr. Lima
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. P. GogoiDr. SantanuDr. PrasenjitDr. SantanuDr. SantanuDr. Sabrina
OBS & GYNAE10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. TalithaDr. IndraniDr. N. SaikiaDr. TalithaDr. IndraniDr. N. Saikia
Dr. KerlinDr. SukalyanDr. KerlinDr. KerlinDr. ChinDr. Sukalyan
Dr. ChinDr. Chin   —–
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. N. SaikiaDr. IndraniDr. IndraniDr. N. SaikiaDr. TalithaDr. Indrani
Dr. Talitha     
ENT10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. Henry Dr. HenryDr. LashngainDr. HenryDr. Lashngain
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PM—-Dr. HenryDr. LashngainDr. HenryDr. Lashngain—-
ORTHO10.00 AM TO 1.30 PM—-—-Dr. Paritosh—-Dr. Sadem—-
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PM—-Dr. SademDr. D. Phanbuh—-Dr. SademDr. Paritosh
PSYCHIARTIC10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. Raaj—-Dr. RaajDr. RaajDr. RaajDr. Raaj
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. Raaj—-—-Dr. RaajDr. Raaj—-
OPTHALMOLOGY10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. Hiranmoyee
3.00 PM TO 6.00 PMDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. HiranmoyeeDr. Hiranmoyee—–
PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION09.00 AM TO 1.30 PM—-Dr. Lahunlang—-Dr. Lahunlang—-—-
DENTAL CLINIC10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. BidyaDr. BidyaDr. BidyaDr. BidyaDr. BidyaDr. Bidya
CARDIOLOGY10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMDr. S.WarjriDr. S.WarjriDr. S.WarjriDr. S.WarjriDr. S.WarjriDr. S.Warjri
DERMATOLOGY08.30 AM TO 10.30 AM—–Dr. Binod—–Dr. Binod—–—-


GUIDANCE & COUNSELING10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMMon, Wed, Thu, Fri & SatDr. Jasmine Lyndoh
4.00 PM TO 6.00 PMMon, Tue, Thu & Fri
AUIDOLOGY & SPEECH THERAPY9.00 AM TO 5.00 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & SatMs. Sayani Bari
PHYSIOTHERAPY8.00 AM TO 7.30 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & SatMr. Milan Chetri
Ms. Angeline Dkhar
Ms. Ibanrilang Syiem
DIET COUNSELING11.00 AM TO 12.30 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & SatMs. Ritu Rai
Ms. Sheila Thangkiew
IMMUNIZATION8.00 AM TO 2.00 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat 
RNTCP DOTS9.00 AM TO 1.30 PMMon, Fri & SatDr. Christina Lyndoh
DIABETIC CLINIC10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMTue, Thu & SatDr. D. Bhuyan
Dr. Arijit
Dr. Paul L. Dkhar
INFERTILITY OPD10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMWednesdayDr. I. Roy
Dr. Sukalyan
ECHO9.00 AM TO 1.30 PMTue, ThuDr. Sunita Thangkhiew
ADOLESCENCE CLINIC10.00 AM TO 1.30 PMSaturdayDr. Kerlin
ULTRASOUND SCANNING9.00 AM TO 5.00 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & SatDr. K. Gunamani Singh
Dr. Paul L. Dkhar
Dr. Tonleichon Siro(Angelina)
Dr. Mount V Syiam
LIFE SYTLE CLINIC08.00 AM TO 07.00 PMMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, FriAny Senior Medicine Consultant
HIGH RISK CLINIC 10 AM to 1.30 PM Wednesday Dr. P. Gogoi 
LAB 24 * 7 DAYS
IN-PATIENT VISITING HOURS: 06.30 AM TO 07.30 AM , 11.30 AM TO 12.30 PM, 04.00 PM TO 05.30 PM


EVENING07.30 AM TO 04.30 PM